I work as a UX Lead at the Learnovate Centre, Trinity College, University of Dublin. I lead a team of UXers to design and develop interfaces for Next Generation eLearning demonstrators on web-based, mobile, and tablet platforms. Our strength lies in working closely with Learning Scientists, Computer Scientists, and Business stakeholders.

Also, I [am about to] hold a PhD on Learning Technology, and hold an MSc by Research on Human-Computer Interaction for Adaptive Information Systems from Trinity College, University of Dublin. I originally studied Information Systems Engineering at the University of the Aegean. My research includes Data Management and Data Visualisation.

I am also interested in Artificial Intelligence and Mixed-Reality communities. In addition, I have worked as a freelancer designer and developer.

Apart from that, I am obsessed with information in general: information design and graphic design, electronic music synthesis and philosophical aspects of information systems are my passions.


  • Website: Ekapros
  • LanguagesEnglish, SpanishGreek/Cypriot, German. Not fluent: Irish/Gaeilge, Ladino, Arvanitic, Hebrew, Catalan, Yiddish.
  • Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, UML. A bit rusty: ActionScript, Java, C, Processing, Php, SQL
  • Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Adaptive Information Systems, Software Design, Information Design
  • Memberships: ACM SIGCHIIxDA Dublin, Irish Computer Society

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